ANNO 1465 History

Walraversijde was named after a certain Walraf. The village originally lay in the northwest of ANNO 1465  – where the beach is now, in fact.

In January 1394, it was hit by a heavy storm. Part of Ostend was also flooded. Hectares of land disappeared under sand from the dunes that had been blown inland. The villagers were forced to move further inland, The village was rebuilt behind the eroded dunes, which were reinforced by the construction of a new dike in 1399.

A walk through the reconstructed medieval landscape takes you to three fishermen’s houses and a bakery and smokehouse. You can visit the house of a wealthy ship owner, the dwelling of a fisherman’s widow and the home of the baker and fish-smoker and his family. Drawing on archaeological and historical research, these charming houses have been realistically reconstructed with an eye for detail and homeliness.