Coronavirus measures at Raversyde

Dear visitor,

We are happy to welcome you at Raversyde.
Of course, we observe the different measures imposed by the National Security Council. We consistently keep up to date with these measures. We want every visitor (and staff member) to safely enjoy the fascinating and unique Raversyde museums.
We advise you to consult the information provided by the Belgian government to find out whether travelling to Raversyde is allowed. 
It is no longer compulsory to reserve a ticket, but we do recommend it. 

Buying a ticket

How can I buy a ticket for Raversyde?

In accordance with the instructions of the National Security Council, you must not longer book your visit in advance.
You can do so by means of the online ticket system. If you have any questions, please contact the number +32 (0)59 70 22 85.
A visit to the Atlantikwall museum takes about 120 minutes (route: 1900 metres), and a visit to the ANNO 1465 museum takes about 60 minutes (route: 600 metres).

How can I pay a ticket?

If you make a booking online, you also need to pay your ticket online.

Do I need to be on time and how long can I stay?

You need to present yourself at the reception desk within a 15-minute time slot. If you arrive during a different time slot, you may be admitted depending on the number of visitors already present in that time slot. For your own safety, we ask you to follow the circulation plan during your visit.


Can I safely access the museums?

Upon arrival at the reception desk, you will clearly see that the entrance and exit are separate. When visiting the Atlantikwall museum, you will exit via a different location in the same street. So make sure you do not leave anything behind at the reception desk. The lockers cannot be used.

If you have to queue, keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other visitors.

We disinfect the doorhandles several times a day and ask you to disinfect your hands when entering the building. When queuing, wait on the floor stickers until you reach the reception desk. Along the route, you may also have to queue for a short while at certain locations. If that is the case, follow the instructions on the floor. However, queues are kept to a minimum as visitors are spread out as much as possible.
If you have a cold, fever, cough or any other symptoms of illness, then postpone your visit.

Can I still go to the reception desk?

To ensure a physical distance, we ask you to wait on the floor stickers when queuing. A route has been clearly marked so as to show you what direction to go in. You may not divert from this route.
The reception employees will gladly help you and are protected by plexiglass screens for their and your safety. Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from all other museum staff, including stewards and guards.


Can I visit all parts of Raversyde?

Raversyde has developed a circulation plan for both its sites, making sure visitors virtually always go in one direction and do not cross the path of other visitors.
Due to the corona measures, not all bunkers on the Atlantikwall are accessible. The route features a treasure hunt for children. The Hast Collection and ‘Atlantic Wall’ exhibition by Stephan Vanfleteren are temporarily closed. The temporary exhibition ARTlantic Wall by Vlekart and EFTER is open to the public, as is the exhibition on the First World War on the coast at the Green Checkered House.
So there is still a lot to be done and enjoyed at Raversyde. Since there are some limitations on both routes, the province of West Flanders has decided to reduce the entrance fees: Atlantikwall € 6, ANNO 1465 € 5 and a combined ticket costs € 8.

Can I go for a walk in the scenic park?

Yes you can. Come and get a breath of fresh air, enjoy the wildlife or conclude your visit with a free photo exhibition. Discover a selection of photos from the Atlantikwall Europe photo contest Bunkerzoom. Bunkerzoom is a European photo competition around the contemporary bunker heritage of the Atlantic Wall. 

Are any educational activities and materials available for children?

We organise several treasure hunts and fun activities for children. The Atlantikwall treasure hunt is available at the reception desk on a daily basis. You can also find fun assignments on the panels of the photo exhibition in the scenic park. You can find an overview of all activities in our activity calendar (link to activity calendar) and on the Facebook page (link to Facebook).

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Wearing a mouth mask in the indoor areas of ANNO 1465 and Atlantikwall is no longer mandatory.


Can I buy products from the shop?

The shop in Atlantikwall is currently closed as it is difficult to ensure safe circulation in view of the limited space. We are in the process of purchasing new shop articles and will let you know when the shop will reopen. 

The shop in ANNO 1465 is open.


Can I safely use the toilet?

You can use the toilet at the start of your visit to the Atlantikwall museum. This is also possible at the end of your visit, in a temporary toilet cubicle. No other toilet facilities are available between the entrance and exit. You cannot return to the entrance during your visit, since you have to go in one direction. At the ANNO 1465 museum, you can only use the toilet at the start and at the end of your visit as well.
Some toilets have been closed for safety and to ensure physical distancing. Only one person is allowed in the toilet cubicle at a time. At the entrance of the Atlantikwall museum, a light indicates whether the toilet is occupied.
We ask you to use the toilet only when absolutely necessary. Observe the distancing rules. Always follow the instructions on the floor.
The toilets are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. Sensor taps and soap dispensers have been provided in all toilets. We kindly request you to wash and disinfect your hands before and after the visit.

Walrave tavern & restaurant

Can I have a drink or a meal at the Walrave tavern & restaurant?

The Walrave tavern-restaurant is open. Information and reservations: it is best to contact Walrave, since they run the tavern/restaurant independently. Their phone number is: +32 (0)59 30 62 44, or send an email to [email protected]

Can I picnic in the park?

It is not allowed to picnic on the museum grounds of Raversyde, regardless of the coronavirus measures.


Can I use the lockers?

The lockers are currently not available in view of the circulation plan.
Keep this in mind and leave anything you do not need at home or bring a (small) backpack.

Group visits

Can I visit Raversyde with a group/company/school?

Group and school visits are possible. Please book online in advance.

Guides and team

Who can I ask questions to?

Our stewards, student employees and guards are at your service at several locations. Additional staff is deployed to ensure everything goes smoothly.
You can recognise the stewards by their red cap displaying a soldier, grey jacket, black pullover and red polo shirt displaying a bunker and soldier. Student employees wear a black T-shirt with white anti-war messages. Guards wear a suit with Vigilis logo.
Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask them. Please keep a distance of 1.5 m at all times for your and their safety. Always follow their instructions as well. We make every possible effort to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe visit.