ARTlantic Wall


ARTlantic Wall is a European network along the Atlantic coast. ARTlantic Wall supports and organises all kinds of artworks and artistic interventions around the bunkers on the Atlantic coast from Norway to France. Founded in 2019, ARTlantic Wall has realised a number of artistic projects based around bunkers in Norway and Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

By doing this, ARTlantic Wall aims to create an awareness of European history during WW II, highlight civic engagement and creativity in historical places, trigger discussions and actions around bunkers, focusing on the recent challenges of European democracy on the one hand and the ecology of the coast on the other and find lasting ways of using bunkers to support a vital and tolerant coastline.

The vision of ARTlantic Wall is to create a common and transnational strategy for the Atlantic Wall, which transforms the bunker line into a symbol of creativity, peace and unity.