Bunker safari (Bike tour) | In Dutch


September 11 and November 11 | 9:45 | In Dutch | Departure at Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636 (near the radar) | Free

Would you like to join the Bunker safari?  A guide takes you along hidden natural gems, tells you hard stories about the turbulent past of the hinterland and passes a number of interesting bunkers like the Steunpunt Seydlitz, Von Leeb or Bamburg. Never heard of them? Don't worry, you'll find out on the cycle tour. Along the way you will enjoy the beauty of nature. The free cycling tour is 22 km long (2.5 to 3 hours). Bring your bike, mouth mask, thirst-quenching drink and snacks with you.

You can register for 11 September and 11 November here.

In association with De Lange Nelle.