Bunkers are unique witnesses. They tell us more about the war, our coastal defence system and the everyday lives of soldiers. These stories will be brought to life on European Bunkerday, a unique opportunity to visit bunkers that are normally closed to the public. It is through initiatives like this that the Raversyde Atlantikwall Provincial Domain aims to shine a spotlight on other, sometimes forgotten gems. European Bunkerday is part of the ‘Atlantikwall Europe’ Creative Europe Project. Subject to cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19 measures. Book your tickets (free of charge) on tickets.raversyde.be


10:00 – 18:00 | Demonstration of historical binoculars | Binocular History Society | ATLANTIKWALL | Book your tickets in advance on tickets.raversyde.be
Experts from the Binocular History Society demonstrate the use of historic binoculars. Are you curious to find out how they work and learn what you could see or measure through one of these devices at the time? Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to listen to these fascinating experts.
Subject to cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19 measures.

10:30 – 17:00 | Build your own bunker in concrete clay! (4+) | An’s Crea Atelier | ATLANTIKWALL | (duration: 15 min.) | Book your visit in advance on tickets.raversyde.be
When the Atlantic Wall was built, there was not a minute to lose. In no time at all, an immense wall of bunkers was erected here  to serve as a formidable line of defense. Your mission is to build a concrete bunker in 10 minutes!  
There is no need to make a separate reservation for this workshop, as it is included in your ticket.
Subject to cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19 measures.

10:00 – 18:00 | Theatre: Gezellig Bunkeren | Les Moretales | ATLANTIKWALL | Book your visit in advance on tickets.raversyde.be
Les Moretales create visual performance theatre that captures your attention in a very unique way. So, have a seat at the dinner table! Do you offer your enemies lamb’s lettuce to make them meek? How far can you throw a grenadine cocktail? Can you develop a thirst for blood sausage? Perhaps you will find the answer here. 
Les Moretales is included in your reservation for Atlantikwall Raversyde.

14:00 (duration: 1½ hours) | Guided tour through the outdoor exhibition Atlantikwall in a nutshell. Archaeology of the Second World War | In cooperation with Ghent University | SCENIC PARK | Start: entrance to the ANNO 1465 visitor’s centre | Register in advance via [email protected]
Curators Birger Stichelbaut and Wouter Gheyle (Ghent University) take you on a guided tour of the Scenic Park. They tell you about aerial photography in the Second World War and modern-day excavations. Aerial photographs offer a unique perspective on the evolution of the landscape, which is why they are often used for archaeological excavations. Which traces can still be found today?  

Register by sending an email to [email protected] Please note that there are only a limited number of places!
The exhibition in the scenic park is open every day until 30 May 2021 and can be visited free of charge. The Bunkerzoom photography exhibition starts on 25 June. This is the product of a European photography contest focusing on bunkers, which was organised as part of the ‘Atlantikwall Europe’ Creative Europe Project.

10:00 – 18:00 | Exhibition: ARTlantic Wall | WW II bunkers at the Atlantikwall in Raversyde
ARTlantic Wall will be visiting several WW II bunkers as from 23 May. This international collective of artists, scientists and urban planners explores how old Atlantikwall bunkers could be repurposed. Their quest for new stories will be aided by the general public, museums and artists.  They aim to transform the Atlantikwall into a cultural and educational landscape. The collective will be presenting Blood Duster, an installation by Norwegian artist Vlekart and photographs of bunker graffiti art on the Raversyde bunkers. 
Subject to cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19 measures

10:00 – 18:00 | ARTlantic Wall | Temporary intervention in a bunker at the Antwerp Battery | SCENIC PARK (near the Church of St. Raphael, Duinenstraat 87)
This German WW II bunker was part of the Antwerp Battery and was situated east of the Aachen Battery in the Atlantikwall Raversyde Provincial Domain. The two batteries were connected through a network of trenches. A support point for the infantry was established here during WW II. In the 1960s, the bunker was part of the Petit Bruxelles campsite.
ARTlantic Wall raises questions about the function of bunkers in our modern era. How can they be repurposed? The collective refers to bunkers’ bloody past in its temporary intervention ‘Blood & Water’. The sprinkler system alternately squirts a red pigment (blood) and plain water. Over the course of time, the red pigment fades and vanishes.
Subject to cancellation or postponement due to COVID-19 measures. Registration is not necessary. Meet ARTlantic Wall in the scenic park.