Fly’s treasures Quest | The sound of the Atlantikwall


What does a submarine sound like? What sounds do you hear in the sleeping area? What do you listen to when on guard duty? Prick your ears, open your eyes and go and search for the sounds of the Atlantikwall. 
A lot of sounds are hidden in and around the bunkers. Complete the assignments and participate in the sound quiz. Hopefully your ears are trained to complete the search successfully! A nice surprise will await you at the end of your trip.

Atlantikwall Raversyde is a heritage site, surrounded by greenery. You walk past bunkers and experience two world wars. The treasure hunt mainly takes place outside, in the healthy sea air. It lasts an hour and a half and is suitable for families with children as from 6 years old. Younger children can also enjoy it, with some assistance.

Please note, for this activity you must book your ticket online in advance.