Heritage Day ‘The Night’

Atlantikwall & ANNO 1465
Visit Atlantikwall Raversyde

Come to Atlantikwall Raversyde and walk through two world wars. The Aachen Battery, a unique bunker complex from the First World War, is located in an area of undulating dunes with a view of the sea.The battery has undergone extensive and thorough restoration and renovation. The Atlantikwall in Raversyde is one of the best-preserved remains of the German defensive line, with more than sixty bunkers, open-air and underground passageways, observation posts and artillery positions.

Discover more about life in a medieval fishing village

In ANNO 1465 you will discover everything about the medieval fishing village Walraversijde. Follow the family trail with all kinds of fun assignments. Can you find the villagers favourite things?

Quest: In the wake of Alfred, a German soldier | (Atlantikwall Aachen Battery)

Are you willing to take on the role of a German soldier from the Marinekorps Flandern? With your search booklet and soldier's passport, you will set off. You will find out more about Raversyde and The First World War. Belgium was then occupied by German troops.
But how do you become an accomplished soldier? By looking closely (observing), finding easily the way, being on guard, wearing the right clothes,... Commit to all tests and become a soldier for 1 day.

Book tickets via tickets.raversyde.be | 1.5 hours | From the age of 6 (help is possible for younger children)

ATLANTIKWALL: 10:30 – 18:00 / The last time slot starts at 16:00
ANNO 1465: 10:30 – 18:00 / The last time slot starts at 16:45

Book your ticket (free of charge) on tickets.raversyde.be