Open Heritage Day

Provincial domain Atlantikwall Raversyde

OPEN HERITAGE DAY | 10 SEPTEMBER | 10.30 AM – 6 PM (last admission time: 4.15 PM) | FREE ENTRANCE

Allow yourself to be immersed in the story of Prince Karel and both World Wars. Guides, storytellers and actors will tell you more about the fascinating past and will guide you through the photo exhibition and the beautiful provincial domain of Atlantikwall Raversyde.

Several other guides are waiting to take you on a tour along Atlantikwall Raversyde. 

Storyteller Dany Hendryckx is waiting for you. He takes on the role of Prince Karel’s odd-job man and takes you on a narrative journey entitled ‘Once upon a time there was … A Prince’ . The provincial domain was Prince Karel’s home until his death. He was born 120 years ago, in 1903, and he died 40 years ago, on 1 June 1983. The walk takes you past a photo exhibition in the park, ‘The prince of Raversijde’.   
This walk starts at 10.30 AM, 2 PM and 4 PM. It takes about 1.5 hours. Registration via is required. (Booking form not available yet.) Guide explanation in Dutch. Start at the entrance of Atlantikwall Raversyde.

In the park of the provincial domain you can join the narrative tour with 5 storytelling actors at 5 interesting locations between 10.30 AM and 5 PM. Did you know that Prince Karel had a golf cabin and a swimming pool within the park’s boundaries? And did you know that certain WW II bunkers were used to defend the airport and are still located within the park? Do you know where the former royal stables are? Interesting historic tales will lead you through the park. Interested? The info point at the entrance of Atlantikwall Raversyde will put you on the right track. 

Come to the bomb-proof shelter bunker of the Antwerp Battery in Raversijde between 10.30 AM and 5 PM. It was built during WW I. The battery was connected to the Aachen Battery which you can still visit at Atlantikwall Raversyde. Did you know that it became a camping site during the sixties? And who knows, you may bump into the lost campsite dweller. The past comes to life again in a playful way thanks to the collaboration with Cirq. Kids can build their own bunker with Horizon Educatief. Would you like to try out the historical binoculars from WW I and WW II? The Binocular History Society will be happy to assist you. Come and discover the new play area and scan the horizon at our brand-new vantage point. Booking is not required. 

The reconstructed houses of the medieval fishing village of Walraversijde come to life again between 10.30 AM and 5 PM. People of the Living History Group ‘Het Gruuthuse Huishouden’ inhabit these houses. Come and find out how people used to live during the late Middle Ages, around 1465.  On other days, ANNO 1465 can only be booked as a group visit. During Open Heritage Day you can freely visit these houses as an individual visitor.

In collaboration with the City of Ostend, Het Gruuthuse Huishouden, The Newport Times On Tour, Cirq, Horizon Educatief and vzw De Lange Nelle.