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Walk through two world wars in bunkers and trenches …

The Atlantikwall is one of the leading attractions at the Belgian coast and one of the two museums at RAVERSYDE.
The over 60 bunkers, observation posts and artillery positions combined with two kilometres of open or subterranean corridors constitute one of the best preserved parts of the infamous German ‘Atlantikwall’. This defence line was built by the Germans during the Second World War and ran from the French-Spanish border to Norway. Thousands of bunkers were constructed to protect the ports and to prevent an Allied assault. The Atlantikwall also features the only preserved German coastal battery from the First World War, namely the Aachen battery. This battery consisted of guns, observation bunkers and living quarters for soldiers. The Germans built batteries along the Belgian coast out of fear for an Allied landing on the beach and to protect the ports of Zeebrugge and Ostend (the operating bases of the German submarines). Only the remains of the Aachen battery have been preserved. During the Second World War new defences were constructed at the same location within the scope of the Atlantikwall defence line. The open-air museum is the perfect place to experience the atmosphere of the ‘Longest Day’. All constructions on the site were restored to their original condition and furnished with authentic objects and furniture. The museum of the same name introduces you to some of the most impressive defences from both wars. These have been preserved thanks to the Belgian Prince Charles, who lived here until his death and always opposed their destruction