Saltzwedel Neu Battery


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The Saltzwedel Neu battery was part of Marine Artillerie Abteilung or naval artillery unit 204, which had set up several batteries along the Belgian coast.

The Saltzwedel Neu battery owes its name to a famous submarine captain, who died in 1917.

Work on the battery commenced on Prince Karel’s estate in 1941. It consisted of a central observation and command post, four gun emplacements with adjoining ammunition bunkers and two bunkers for flanking fire. Anti-aircraft guns and two to three searchlights were used to defend the battery. The men lived in personnel bunkers and barracks. All the buildings were connected by a system of trenches or underground passages.

All of these are still visible and have been carefully restored and fitted out.

The Saltzwedel Neu battery is a typical example of the Atlantic Wall. Its excellent condition makes it Europe’s leading fortification museum.