Walk with a guide

The guide of the non-profit organisation De Lange Nelle will take you to Raversyde Atlantikwall. 
During your walk through underground corridors and bunkers you will discover everything about coastal defence and soldier life in WW I and WW II. 

You can choose between visiting Aachen Battery (WW I) and Saltzwedel-neu Battery (WW II). You can also opt for the 'Highlights tour' which will introduce you to WW I and WW II.

Also visit the reconstructed cottages of ANNO 1465. You will learn all about daily life in the fishing village of Walraversijde.

Overview guided tours:

  • Aachen Battery (WW I) 
  • Saltzwedel-neu Battery (WW II)
  • Highlights tour (WW I + WW II)
  • ANNO 1465 (the disappeared fishing village of Walraversijde)
Target group  First up to third grade. Also possible for higher education.
Number of participants Max. 20 pupils
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes (Highlights: 2 hours)
Period Mid-March up to and including 11 November
Entrance fee € 3 per student (accompanying person free of charge)
Access is charged after the visit (no cash or bank card required).  
Guide WW I, WW II or ANNO 1465 (1 hour 30 minutes) € 55
Guide Highlights tour (WW I + WW II) (2 hours) € 65
Charging after the visit, the guides’ circle charges an administration fee of € 5.00/invoice  
Cancellation guided tours Free until the day before the visit. In case of cancellation on the same day, the guided tours are payable.

Upon request you will receive a proposal with extra information about the Corona measures. Final confirmation will follow after your agreement.