Measures COVID-19

On the ATLANTIKWALL, we developed a special course that avoids covered and narrow places. You cannot enter most bunkers. You can look inside some of them and large photo panels were installed to show the interiors. Additional information boards have also been installed to replace the audio guides.

A group may consist of a maximum of 20 people, including a mentor. The use of mouth masks, indoors and outdoors, is mandatory from the age of 12.

Price per person (Free for mentor)

  • ANNO 1465: € 5
  • Combined ticket: € 8

At the moment we cannot provide audio guides due to the Corona measures.

The different possibilities

Only groups with a guide can choose to visit 1 part of the Atlantic Wall, Battery Aachen (WWI) or Battery Saltzwedel-neu (WWII). Without a guide, groups follow the walk as it is signposted for individual visitors. Atlantikwall "Highlights" can only be visited with a guide.

  • ATLANTIKWALL - Aachen Battery (WW I) - Visit time: 90' 
  • ATLANTIKWALL - Saltzwedel-neu (WW II) - Visit time: 90' 
  • ATLANTIKWALL Highlights (WW I & WW II) - Visit time: 120' (only possible with guide)
  • ANNO 1465  - Fishing village Walraversijde - Visit time: 90'

WITH GUIDE (Guides by Lange Nelle)

  • ATLANTIKWALL WW I or WW II or ANNO 1465 (90'): € 65/guide (maximum 20 persons per guide)
  • Atlantikwall Highlights (WW I + WW II) (120’): € 70/guide (maximum 20 persons per guide)

Payment: You will be invoiced after the visit, the guide charges an administration fee of € 5 / invoice.
Cancellation of guided tours: 2 days before date: free of charge; 1 day before date: € 15.00 / guide; day itself: price guided tour.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM (by Horizon educatief)

  • Aachen Battery - the story of WW I on the coast-line
  • Saltzwedel Neu Battery - the story of WW II on the coast-line
  • ANNO 1465 - the story of the medieval fishing village Walraversijde