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Provincial domain of Raversyde
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636
B-8400 Ostend

00 32 (0)59 70 22 85
[email protected]

The Province of West Flanders is also taking reinforced measures to protect vulnerable groups and to limit and delay the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Therefore, ATLANTIKWALL RAVERSYDE and ANNO 1465 will be closed to the public until June 1. The Scenic Park is accessible to local residents. You can relax, get a breath of fresh air, exercise and enjoy the healthy outdoor air. Please monitor all precautions, please! The playground is not accessible and the parking remains closed, as a large displacement towards the Natural Park is not allowed.
The Province of West Flanders decided to close all sanitary facilities in all its Provincial domains. Following the Corona crisis, it is not possible to open public sanitary facilities in a way that adequately guarantees the hygiene and health of the public and staff.