With the family

ATLANTIKWALL RAVERSYDE is closed for the winter season until 11 March 2023

By annual tradition, we use the winter period to prepare everything for the following year. A site such as ATLANTIKWALL RAVERSYDE require a lot of maintenance.
In the meantime the activities and exhibitions for the coming year are being finalized.

The park in the provincial domain Atlantikwall Raversyde is accessible all year round.

We are 100% committed to family-friendly activities and offer quests, activities, guided walks, workshops and demonstrations. View our varied offer on this page.



Atlantikwall Raversyde focuses on families and children, with quests and fun play elements. Are you going on a quest “Treasures of Fly”? The tour takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and leads you through Atlantikwall Raversyde.

Or do you prefer to go On Time Travel (+6) in the provincial domain Atlantikwall Raversyde? Did you know that Atlantikwall Raversyde is a time machine? The provincial domain has a rich history. Dive into the adventure and make several jumps in time. You start the walk next to ANNO 1465, on the way to cafeteria Walrave. There you can pick up the search for free and continuously.

The Escape Enigma is designed for teenagers aged 12 to 18 (and their families) and is included in your ticket. Explore Atlantikwall Raversyde and unravel the riddles and mysteries along the way. Discover the story behind the defense line from WW I and WW II.