Expo ’44 - ’19 From Liberation to collection

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Monday, 20 April, 2020

till 11 November, 2020

After the landing in Normandy (6 June 1944) and the liberation of Paris (19-25 August 1944), Belgium was liberated in September 1944. The war left many traces. But what happened to the many objects from the Second World War?

In RAVERSYDE ATLANTIKWALL (visitor centre, upper floor) you will find André Hast’s collection, with more than 3000 objects from World War Two.
From an early age, André Hast from Sint-Andries (Bruges) collected everything that was in some way connected with the Second World War. He built up a veritable private museum and compiled a collection with more than 3000 objects. After his death in 2009, this collection was donated to the Provincial Domain of Raversyde. It was decided to preserve the collection as a whole, as it had been in his private museum.

In RAVERSYDE SCENIC PARK you can discover the person behind the collector. Here you will find portrait photos of contemporary collectors of items from World War Two. A broad range of personalities with the most diverse collections are on display.
Oy the other hand, you will see historical photos of objects that were left behind during World War Two. These photos of deserted objects exude estrangement and tristesse.

Practical information:
RAVERSYDE ATLANTIKWALL, visitor centre, upper floor
RAVERSYDE SCENIC PARK, Modules with photos on several locations in the park