Escape Enigma game

Escape Enigma was developed for teenagers aged between 12 and 18. Explore Atlantikwall Raversyde and unravel the riddles and solve the puzzles along the way between the more than 60 bunkers, gun emplacements and trenches along the seafront. Discover the story from WW I and WW II.

Offer for schools

Atlantikwall Raversyde WWI and WWII: Visit the Aachen and Saltzwedel-neu batteries, using the Escape enigma game

During holidays, weekends and public holidays you can participate in the Escape Enigma until 15:30.
On normal working days this is possible until 14:30.

In association with Puzzle Escape Rooms.

Upon request you will receive a proposal with extra information, final confirmation will follow after your agreement.

Duration visit +/- 2,5 h
Period 9 March up to and including 11 November 2024
Entrance fee (Escape Enigma game included) Atlantikwall: € 4 per student
Accompanying person free of charge
Access is charged after the visit (no cash or bank card required).  


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